During its eighteen-year of existence, AATDA-AL has implemented a number of programs that fulfill its mission and main strategic goals. The following is a list of those we consider of high importance. They include:

Advocacy for a better business environment in Albania. Development of our advocacy program was initiated by a detailed national survey of the business environment which served as a base for our advocacy policy. We have subsequently engaged in advocacy with appropriate representatives of the Albanian government and coalition building to implement these positions. We have also provided assistance and training in different topics for business community organizations in order to address the main problems that Albanian businesses face in becoming and maintaining themselves as successful enterprises.

Public Procurement Reform. AATDA-Al has contributed to the improvement of public procurement practices and reduction in corruption at the local government level through its participation in procurement monitoring programs. In addition, AATDA has assisted in developing the capacities of local governments to deal effectively with public money, as well as planning and monitoring of public expenditures.

Good Governance. Promotion of implementation of modern principles and standards of corporate governance in Albania. AATDA-Al has engaged in a comprehensive program of improving the effectiveness of corporate governance in Albania through training, technical assistance and open forums, engaging private sector leaders as well as members of relevant government agencies, the court system, the accounting and audition professions, and other stakeholders.

Local Economic Development Planning. AATDA-AL is assisting local communities in planning and implementing local economic development programs. This program have included a series of training workshops, and the activities of the "Local Economic Development Along Corridor 8" Initiative. AATDA currently serves as the directorate of the Corridor 8 Local Economic Development Network Association.

Promotion of  social - economic cooperation in the region. AATDA-AL is part of those organizations with influence in strengthening the role of the business community in supporting an accelerated economic development of the region. AATDA-AL organized 15 B2B (business to business) events in the region, three business missions to United States, and two trade missions of American businesses to Albania.