About us

Founded in June 1999, the Albanian American Trade and Development Association of Albania (AATDA-AL) is registered a Not-for Profit Organization. It is an affiliated association the AATDA-US, an organization with similar goals, operating since early 1992.

The primary goal of AATDA is to foster social-economic cooperation and innovation between Albania, EU and US organizations, aiming to accelerate economic growth and implement democractic instruments for sustainable development in Albania.

AATDA has been active in advocating and promoting:

  • Better social-legal-economic environment in Albania,
  • Innovation and cooperation
  • Improving performance in local governance and strategic sectors
  • Green economy,

in particular to the communities which can drive positive change in our society.


  • Innovation research and analysis on social-economic environment,
  • Monitoring, Training and technical assistance on public services delivery
  • Provision of business links between EU, US and Albania and countries of the region, export and outsourcing
  • Delivering Business Diagnostics, Business Plans and Business Models reviews
  • Project planning and Management in the field of Entrepreneurship, Green Economy, Innovation, Regional Development and Youth Education.

Since its inception, AATDA has implemented an impressive number of programs and projects: projects related to business assistance, promotion of regional cooperation, communitiey development initiatives, improvement of public services and promotion of comprehensive corporate governance standards in Albania.

By the beginning of 2016, AATDA has completed the reorganization with new strategic vision, fresh staff, programs and initiatives, which will better understand and address trending challenges and opportunities, that our country will face in the short and long term.